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Premium Raw & Virgin Hair Extensions, Lace Wigs & Mink Lashes


Genesis Hair Import (GHI) provide premium raw Virgin Hair Bundles, Wigs and Mink Lashes. Our hair is of the highest quality (10A) Raw Virgin Hair is human hair taken directly from a multitude and variety of donors. The hair is chemically unprocessed and has not been permed, hard washed, bleached, and is free from any dyes.

Our Mission

Genesis Hair Import takes a lot of pride in the fact that we only use Raw Remy Virgin Ponytail Human Hair. The advantage is that you are getting much more consistency with all of the hair strains because it is not a mix of multiple individuals’ hair, but rather the hair cut from a ponytail from a single human donor.

Regarded to be the finest quality of human hair, Raw Virgin Remy Ponytail Human Hair is collected in a way that leaves the hair’s cuticles unstripped and left completely intact. This process of collection preserves the hair cuticles and keeps the follicles going in only one single direction, allowing for the elimination of tangling issues normally found in low quality and non-Remy hair. This process also creates extensions that are extremely natural in appearance. Raw Virgin Remy Ponytail Hair is the most premium hair currently available on the market and we have it for you!www.genesishairimport.com

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